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Don't forget to get your chimney swept at least once per year, as this customer agreed when an enormous amount of clinker and some creosote came down when I recently swept it. They have a wood burner and have it swept once a year, but the wood they are burning may not have been dry enough, causing a large amount of clinker to build up. This can be highly flammable and could cause a chimney fire, and also restrict the dangerous carbon monoxide fumes from exiting up the chimney. It pays to have your chimney swept at least once per year, twice if you are burning wood frequently, and only burn dry seasoned wood.
Its a good idea to fit a chimney cowl bird guard at this time of year, as jackdaws start to make nests.Make sure you have one fitted that is suitable for solid fuel.
Also if you burn a lot of wood daily,you might consider having your chimney swept twice a year, once about now halfway through the season and once at the start in the autumn. Don't forget, clean chimneys are more efficient and safer!
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